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Local Korean Tour in Hongdae

Local Korean Tour Hongdae real Korean enjoy Korean food Korean style
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✈️Tourism English Interpretation Major Student✈️ 🎸Bass Guitar Player🎸 🍻Beer Lover🍻 Hi there! I was born in Seoul and still live here. I know Seoul well. Also, I am very social. So don’t be afraid to contact me or book my course even if you are kind of quiet or timid. I’m confident that we can be friends before the tour ends. My name is Seung Hyeon Han and hope to be a friend of you.


3 hrs 30mins


Entertainment / Culture



First, Restaurant ‘Sulleim Samgyeopsal’

Do you want to play like a real Korean? You can enjoy Korean food and Korean style entertainments in this tour. I made this tour as same as the way I usally hang out with my friends. I will show you how Koreans play! With this tour, you can play just like a Korean.

First, we will go to ‘Sulleim Samgyeopsal’ to have dinner. We will have Samgyeopsal with rice. I’ll show you how can enjoy the Korean traditional food. You can also taste ‘soju’ if you want.

Second, Smashing Bowl / Coin Karaoke

We will look around Hongdae and feel the atmosphere of night life in Hongdae. We will enjoy the busking. You can also go shopping.

Next, we will go to play bowling at ‘Smashing Bowl’. Actually, I’m not a good player, so you can win the game easily. (This is for option.)

Lastly, we will go to Coin Karaoke. We will sing songs, and we can compete with the score after you sing. I can sing some K-pops for you!

If you want to play with me like a local Korean, please contact me! Let’s hang out and make some wonderful memories 😀

Real Video Clip




Hongik Univ. Subway Station (Line 2), Exit 8 (Outside)



Go to eat Samgyeopsal at ‘Sulleim Samgyeopsal’



Play bowling and drink beer at ‘Smashing Bowl’ (Option)



Look around Hongdae street



Go to Coin Karaoke and sing songs



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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