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Delicious Old Restaurant & Traditional Street of Jongno

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I’m social, kind and energetic people^^ Especially I like some Korean idols! And I like something delicious, no matter what it is food(meal) or drinks.Hyeon Han and hope to be a friend of you. Also, I like to travel, so I have been to Japan, France, Germany, USA.
My major is Japanese and Management, so if you are interested in either of them, I can also say we can be a friend! I’m so glad to meet you^^


2 hrs 30mins


Traditional / Food



First, Korean Traditional Cafe, Tteul-An

Let’s go to the traditional street of Jongno, Seoul ! You can enjoy traditional street which is popular spot these days through this tour ! We will meet at Jongno 3-ga(sam-ga) and we will go to old restaurant and old street around Jongno. First, we will go to Korean Traditional cafe at Ikseon-dong. The cafe is called Tteul-An. We can enjoy Korean Traditional tea and dessert at this cafe.

Second, Ikseondong street

After cafe, we will take a look at Ikseon-dong street. There are some exciting stores at Ikseon-dong. For example, there are flower cafe, video cafe, cartoon cafe etc.

Third, Korean Noodle Kalguksu

 After Ikseon-dong tour, we will move on to Jongno old restaurant street and we will have a dinner. This street also popular nowadays. There are many old restaurants which run over 30 years. You can feel the atmosphere of real local restaurant street. Then we will have a dinner at Chanyang-jip (Korean Noodle Kalguksu) and the tour will end.

Real Video Clip




  Meet at Jongno 3-ga(sam-ga) subway station exit no.4 (inside)



Go to Korean Traditional cafe at Ikseon-dong (Tteul-An)



Take a look at Ikseon-dong Street



Move on to Jongno Old Restaurant Street & Have a Dinner (Korean Noodle Soup)



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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