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Korean Sports Game Cafe

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I really like traveling. So I try to travel abroad at least once a year. Because this is how I release my stress. This year I went to Saipan, Taiwan, and Japan. Also, I have a plan to go to China. I want to share nice information about traveling. I’m very active and talkative person. Also, I love eating delicious foods. I wait for someone who really likes me.


3 hrs 30mins


Entertainment / Food



First, Legend Sports heroes cafe (Korean Sports Game Cafe)

This tour is based on the unique spot in Korea. In Korea, there are lots of unique café and restaurant. In there we can release our stress and take a nice picture. First, we meet at Gangnam station line 2, Exit 9 outside at 3 pm. And then we go to a unique café named Legend Sport heroes which has a lot of sports facilities in café. In there we can do interesting sports about 1 hours.

Second, Witch’s kitchen / Kakao friends store

And then we will go to a unique restaurant, which is named ‘witches kitchen’. This restaurant concept is based on witch’s dished. The foods feel like a witch cooking. The restaurant expresses fingers, skeletons, eyeballs and etc in their foods. So the Dishes look really cute and eye-catching. Also, the tastes are really good. After Eating dinner, we will go to kakao friends store. We can look around cute little things. Also there is a famous photo zone. So we can take a picture with a huge bear. I recommend this tour people who visit Korea alone. Because this tour is not easy for alone traveler. So I can help them to enjoy these things as a friend or tourmate.

Real Video Clip




Gangnam Subway Station (Line 2), Exit9 (Outside)



Visit a Legend Sports heroes cafe



Play a sport game in cafe



Eating food at witch’s kitchen



Visit a Kakao friends store and look around



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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