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(Incheon) Have you ever been to Korean sea?

It’s my slogan for our tour. I want to show you a view of Korea West Coast and lower reach of Han river. geomam subway station...
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Welcome to Korea! Hi, I’m Hyewon but you can call me Ewon if it’s easy to you 🙂 I live in Incheon near Seoul so I can introduce 2 cities. I study french in university and I was in France during 1 year in 2016. I traveled many countries of Europe but I didn’t visit Asia yet. I love to make new friends and go to new place. So why do not travel Korea with me? 🙂


3 hrs 30mins


Activity / Nature



First, Arawaterway

Our tour of the view, by the view, for the view. It’s my slogan for our tour. I want to show you a view of Korea West Coast and lower reach of Han river.

After we meet at Geomam subway station, we move to Arawaterway to ride. We rent a bicycle there. You can also rent a tandem bicycle and small one for children. Next, we ride to waterfall and back to starting point. There is cycle track in Arawaterway so our riding course will be easy. If you are hungry, you can drink and eat something because several food trucks are there.

Second, Ara Observatory & Ara café

We return our bicycles and move to Ara Observatory by subway and bus. But don’t worry it just takes 30 minutes. The place near Ara Observatory is really calm and quiet so it’s good to take a rest and I can let you alone if you want to get the mood. Anyway, we go to the observatory on the 23rd floor to watch ocean view and move to Ara café on the 24th floor. We drink something with ocean view. You can also order food but I don’t recommend because the price is too expensive than other restaurants.

And our tour will end in the café but I will bring you to Cheongna Int’l City Subway Station (Airport Railroad).

Real Video Clip




  Geomam Subway Station (Airport Railroad), Exit1 (Front of convenience store “With Me”)



Rent bicycles and ride along Arawaterway



Return bicycles and move to Ara Observatory



Drink some beverage in Ara café 



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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