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B.C Night : Beer and Chicken

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I am a Traveler.

I really really love travel! One of my dreams is traveling around the world! Every holiday, I go on a trip. These are countries that I had traveled: Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, New York, Las Vegas, Seattle, Washington, Vancouver, Rocky Mountain, Victoria, Paris, London, Prague, Budapest, Wien, Zalzburg, Dublin, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Munich, etc. I know how to enjoy traveling. I want to talk about travel experience with you! I try to do hard to make good memories in Korea.


I had lived in Canada for two years. When I lived there, I had chances to experience lots of different cultures and races. I learn how to live in harmony with people who have a difference. Even though we have different first languages, we can be best friends!


I am crazy about movies! I had watched many movies. I don’t care about what genre. I especially like independent films. I had made my own short movies and I like to go film festival! There are lots of good film festivals in Korea such as Busan international film festival, Jeonju International Film Festival, Asiana short film festival and etc. I can take you those film festivals or recommends good movies. If you are interested in film, we can talk easily!


2 hrs


Entertainment / Food



First, Chicken and Beer

Wanna be a real Korean? Have Chimek (chicken and beer) with me!
If you want to experience a real Korean life, You should try “Chimeck” (chicken and Meckjoo which is beer in Korean). Most Korean love to have chicken with beer! I usually have a good time with my friend eating chicken with beer!

This tour will take place in Hyehwa.
Hyehwa where is the herb of youth and artists. It is famous for many plays and musical theaters. I’ll introduce a chicken house in Hyehwa. There is a special combination of the menu. We will not only eat chicken with beer but also salad and Topokki (stir-fried rice cake)

Second, Coin Karaoke and Busking

After having chicken with beer, I will introduce you Korea’s rising entertainment place, Coin karaoke. (if you don’t want to sing, we can go to some electronic arcade and play some games)

Then, we will visit maronie park where is the famous place for busking. We can watch busking and enjoy the night time. If you want, we can buy some ice cream and watch the performance( I usually watch busking and have some beer or ice cream at maronie park). There would be many young people and performers. (especially at summer night) So you can feel the burning youth!

Real Video Clip




Hyehwa Subway Station (Line 4), Exit4 (outside)



Have chicken and beer



Go to coin karaoke



Go to maronie park and enjoy busking



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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