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(Konkuk Univ.) A college Student’s daily life – ROOM ESCAPE

(Korea Student's daily life) I will show you concept tour of 'A college Student's daily life'. Actually, sejong university...
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Hi! My name is Boram KI. I’m a university student major in astronomy at Sejong University. I love to relax, travel and the episode of travel. so I travel sometimes. I can speak a little English and middle-level Japanese. I’m not good yet but I’ll try best. Let’s together!


5 hrs


Entertainment / Culture


Konkuk Univ.

First, “Kimdosa Bulbaek” restaurant

Hello! This is Boram KI.
I will show you concept tour of ‘A college Student’s daily life’. Actually, the College student can rest on weekdays.

On a fine day, sometimes, go to play without taking classes. On this tour, you can experience a hot spot near Sejong University and Konkuk university and ROOM ESCAPE Cafe.

After we meet, we eat lunch first. We will Lunch at a Korean restaurant called Kimdosa bulbaek, located on Rodeo street. Bulbaek  means  Korean Set Menu with Bulgogi. This restaurant specializes in bulgogi. The table setting is very nicely presented. It’s a meat menu, but it’s not heavy so you feel mild taste.

Second, Roon Escape cafe

After the lunch, we are going to see the hot spots near Sejong University, Konkuk University and go to ROOM ESCAPE cafe. The ROOM ESCAPE Cafe is a place that uses hidden tools, cues, and hints to truly experience the game. Like a movie  “SAW”.  There are various themes such as action/thriller/mystery and the process of solving the puzzle is really fun. Because the ROOM ESCAPE requires reservations, I’ll reserve a concept and a time schedule beforehand.

Third, Kondae street

Until the reservation time, We will tour the hot spots near Sejong University and Konkuk University.

There are Common ground, Kondae streets, Children’s Grand Park, many famous cafes that have a good mood and nice interior design(Something like Sulbing, Romgok, Mouserabbit).

You can choose where you want to go. If you don’t have any special request, I will introduce my favorite cafes.

Fourth, Han river

Finally, we will go to Han river.
There is a park where you can see the city with a river, enjoy a picnic, walk along the river and even enjoy chicken and beer.
My school was close to Han river,  I enjoyed watching the night view, watching the moon with beer.
I want to introduce to you this wonderful place. The tour will wind up in the Han River with drinks.

Real Video Clip




Konkuk University station(Line 2, Line 7), Exit2 (Outside)



Lunch at KimDosa Bulbeak (김도사불백)






Walk around Sejong and Konkuk university.
– children’s grand park and common ground and cafes



Move to Ttukseom resort station. ( go to Han river )



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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