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From Joseon Dynasty to Modern times of Korea

In Gangnam area, You can enjoy korea shopping mall and korea temple with korea loacls. Also you can try korean food and visit folk museum.

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Hello, my name is Jiye and you can call me Mary. I’m currently attending university and I’m majoring business administration. I want to be a ceo of an international food company. I love traveling, exercising and meeting local people.
To me, meeting new people and talking about their own unique life stories are biggest pleasures. So let’s share ours’ now! Lastly, I love being active so don’t be shy and let’s explore the scenic places in South Korea.


5 hrs


History / Culture



First, Coex Mall

In Gangnam area, You can enjoy korea shopping mall and korea temple with korea loacls. Also you can try korean food and visit folk museum.

Are you looking for a tour that can embrace the aesthetics of heritage and the modern era of Korea? Then my tour is the perfect one. It explores places where you could enjoy traditional and modern attractions. By doing so, you will surely feel the real Korean-fragrance from past ages to nowadays.
As the weather is comparatively hot, we will start our tour at cool, large COEX MALL where you can have fun seeing various visual works and shops. Doesn’t this sound fun and awesome? Not only that, COEX mall is very huge, so I can be handy to let you know the right shopping distinct you want to look around.  

Start from Coex mall
COEX Mall is the largest underground shopping center in Asia. It is located in the basement of the Korea World Trade Center, located in Samsung-dong in the Gangnam-gu area of Seoul. The colossal shopping center stretches from Samsung station (subway line 2) in the south all the way to Bongeunsa temple in the north and is considered to be the best shopping and entertainment complex in the area.

After, we will walk to the Bongeunsa temple. It is very near from the Coex mall that will only take about 3 minutes to walk by.

Second, Bongeunsa

In Gangnam area, You can enjoy korea shopping mall and korea temple with korea loacls. Also you can try korean food and visit folk museum.

During the Joseon Dynasty, Buddhism in Korea was severely repressed. However, the temple began to be known as Bongeunsa was reconstructed in 1498 to keep ignite Buddhism under the patronage of a Joseon Queen. The term Bongeunsa means the act of honoring the king, which here can be understood as taking the form of praying for king Seongjong’s eternal life. The temple is a notable tourist destination, offering “Temple Stay Program” in which visitors can lead the life of a monk for a few hours. We will look around the beauty of Bongeunsa for an hour and a half.  

Third, Lunch & Folk Museum

Move to Lotte World nearby which symbolize Korea’s Disneyland.
Lunch: Enjoy hearty Jumak dishes while sitting on wide flat benches.
You can enjoy boiled pork with greens, rice served with beef soup or Bibimbap while sitting on a wide flat bench! Or, A bowl of makgeolli (rice wine) with pajeon (Welsh onion pancake) may linger in your memory.
After lunch, we will sightsee the Folk Museum which is right beside the lunch place. (They are all inside the Lotte World)

Folk Museum
The Lotte World Folk Museum is a place where one can learn a great deal more of Korea’s rich 5000-year-history. It was designed for both international visitors and Koreans alike to easily learn and enjoy Korean culture and history. One of the museum’s more appealing characteristics is that it uses animation and smaller scale models to better illustrate various aspects of Korea’s past. This miniature with exquisite quality makes learning much more enjoyable for visitors.
It has restored several important cultural assets, daily traditional music, and dance performances. There are also many corners where the audiences can participate together. There is a traditional marriage ceremony vestibule where the bride and groom may marry one another according to the traditional marriage decorum. Perhaps if you are lucky, you might participate in one yourself.

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Exit 6 of Samsung Subway Station (Line 2)



Enjoy the Coex mall& shopping



3-minute walk to the Bongeunsa



Bongeunsa Palace Tour



Move from Samsung station to Jamsil station



Arrive at Folk Museum at Lotte World.



Lunch at ‘Jumak’ in Folk Museum at Lotte World.



Sightsee the Folk Museum



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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