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(Ttukseom) Seoul, the city of history and trend!

Korean friend shows you Seoul, the city of history and trend. So you can understand Korean culture. deoksugung palace, understand avenues, gwangjang market
Korean friends local tour mate

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“Never Ending My Trip”
It`s my thought of traveling. Because there are many travel spots in the world that I have never seen.
– Always I like finding attractive travel spots.
– I`d like to be a good tour-mate whom everyone wants to travel with.
– I think traveling is just ‘Enjoying’


4.5 hrs


Culture / Food



First, Understand Avenues

This Tour  is trip that you can see past and modern of Korea
Seoul is spot that Coexist the history of the past and trend of modern in Korea
So you can understand Korean culture of the past to present.

There are three courses on this tour.

The 1st course is Understand Avenues
Here is space for young people to expand their ideas.
Young people create eco products with each their unique idea
While you are in here, you can understand trends of modern and young culture in Korea

Second, Gwangjang Market

The 2nd course is Gwangjang Market.
We will have lunch in here, there are many attractive foods.
But you may be embarrassed because some foods are spicy and you have never seen.  
However, you would be holy to these foods if you try them.
So I hope that you experience attractive and delicious Korea foods.

Third, Deoksugung Palace

The final course is Deoksugung Palace.
This palace has the most beautiful winter scenery over many kinds of palace in Korea
I will tell you the history and attractions of Deoksugung palace.

You will watch attractiveness from the past to the present of Korea in this tour.
Also, we will make a new relationship between tour-mate and you.

So I hope you make a fantastic memory of everything on this trip.
– From your tour-mate in future

Real Video Clip




Ttukseom Station (Line2) Exit.8(outside)



Understand Avenues Tour



Gwangjang Market Tour (we will have lunch in here)



Deoksugung Palace Tour (Walk along Deoksu Palace)



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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