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Korean Star-SNS Restaurant Tour

(Korea famous restaurant) Have you ever seen any posts about Korean famous restaurants on your SNS? anguk subway station...
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Hi, I’m Hansol. I can speak English fluently and also can speak Chinese little bit. I’m very social and outgoing so please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in my tour course. Thank you 🙂


3 hrs


Culture / Food



First, “Muk-she-don-na” restaurant

Have you ever seen any posts about Korean famous restaurants on your SNS?

I guess you have read at least one post of Korean famous restaurant, so called “Mat-jib”.
My tour is aimed to lead you to SNS star restaurants in Sam-Chung dong.
It is an avenue that has a gorgeous harmony of Korean architecture beauty and Western.
Not only the architecture attracts the tourists but also a number of SNS star restaurants, cafés, and street food are located and that attract people.
In my tour, you and I will go to a restaurant and a café that I chose among SNS star places after serious consideration.

First, you and I will meet at Anguk subway station Exit 1 and we will head to Muk-She-Don-Na (먹쉬돈나), which is one of the most famous places for Duk Bok Gi (spicy Korean style stirred rice cake).
There are three five different types of Duk Bok Gi (Cheese, Bulgogi, Seafood, Vegetables, sausages). Also, there are a series of toppings that you can add to Duk Bok Gi.
After enjoying Duk Bo Gi, you can taste perfect fried rice with the sauce of Duk Bok Gi.

Second, “Bora” cafe

After having lunch there, you and I will go to a café called “Bora”. They sell amazing Korean desserts.
What I recommend are purple sweet potato snowflake and purple sweet potato ice cream.
As the names say, they are made of sweet potato. I can assure you they would let you feel the real sweet taste of Korea.

As food is not the only attraction of Sam-Chung dong, I would like to take you a walk around that area.
You can feel such an amazing view of antic Korea.

Third, Insadong

Then, we will head to In-Sa dong, which is the most famous place for tourists to feel Korean tradition.
There are a lot of souvenir shops you can buy unique ones and also a lot of photo zones.
We will walk through that area and if needed, I can recommend souvenir for you.
Tour will end at Jonggak station (line 1).

Real Video Clip




Anguk Subway Station (line1), Exit 1 (inside)



Lunch at Muk-She-Don-Na 



Dessert at café ‘Bora’



Walk around Sam-Chung dong



Walk in In-Sa dong



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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