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Let’s make a fragrant candles in Insa-dong!

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Hi, I’m Susie. First of all, I’m glad to meet you all for this chance 🙂 I am 21. And I am a college student from Kookmin Univ. and my major is English. (But I don’t like to study it … and also I am not good at it .. haha) So… I am really social person and I have a lot of friends !! I love to make my new foreign friends 🙂 !! Please do not hesitate to contact me! I will make your trip fun 😀


4 hrs


Activity / Culture



First, Making Fragrant Candles

Through this tour, you can experience ‘making fragrant candles’ on Ssamji-way in Insa-dong. If you don’t want to make the fragrant candles, you can select anything you want. There are a lot of experiences and those are all ‘Hand-made’. You can make them all by yourself. Like making your own bracelets and ceramics. And for sure there are a lot of experiences more than these. And I’m gonna take photos of you so that you can keep your precious memories in Korea. I am really into taking photos of everything! So you can just count on me 

Second, Insa-dong

And then we’re going to look around Insa-dong for shopping! You can eat some street-foods like dduckbokki (Korean Food which is quite spicy for foreigners even for Koreans. But it is really delicious especially when we eat it with sundae or some kind of fried foods. You should try this.) and hodduck (Kind of Korean Snack). 

Third, Korean Traditional  Tea Cafe

After shopping, we are going to visit one Café which is located Insa-dong, too. At that café, you can experience ‘Korean Traditional Tea’ and learn the way to enjoy Korean Tea. I’m going to teach you! And I wanna let you know some ‘Tips’ when living in Korea. (Or even traveling for Korea) For example, (Very basically) ‘how to transfer’ (when you use the public transportations) and how to say or pronounce some words in Korean. (that you want to know, like some idioms)

Let’s hang out with full of experiences that you never experience in other tours!! I’ll make you feel like I am a real friend, not just a tour friend!!

Real Video Clip




Meet at Anguk Subway Station (Line3), Exit 6 (Outside)



Make our own fragrant candles at Ssamjiway in Insa-dong (take photos_)
(+Looking around Insa-dong streets like some traditional goods or snacks to eat)



Coffee chat in one of the traditional cafés in Insa-dong (About 1 and half hour)



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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