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(Incheon) The Most Thrilling Viking In Wolmido

Korea amusement park and korea china town are in Incheon. So you can experience many kinds of things here with local friend...
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5 hrs


Food / Entertainment



First, China town & Fairy village

Korea amusement park and korea china town are in Incheon. So you can experience many kinds of things here with local friend...

Do you wanna experience thrilling rides? There is a most thrilling ride in Korea.
The Wolmido Viking is known as the most exciting ride in Korea.

Even if you are a person who likes scary rides, It’s hard to put your hands up when you ride the Viking.
In my tour, you also can experience beautiful streets, blue sea, and delicious foods.

We will go to two places largely.
At first, we’ll go to China town where we’ll eat lunch. And we walk to Fairy Village and Jayu Park.
At second, we’ll go to Wolmido Island where we’ll go on the rides that are thrilling and exciting.

In detail, we’ll experience Chinese food culture in China town.

In Chinese restaurant, we’ll eat Jajangmyeon that’s black-bean-sauce noodles or jjamppong that’s Chinese-style noodles with vegetables and seafood and sweet and sour pork. Also, you can buy Chinese snacks at the street.
Then, we’ll walk to Fairy Village. We can experience the street like a piece of a fairytale.
Afterward, we’ll go up the street and arrive at the top where there is Jayu park.

We might be tired of climbing the street in summer. So we’ll take a rest, drinking a cool beverage and looking at flowers and trees.

Also, we can enjoy a landscape of Wolmido Island with the blue sea at the top.
This is all for China town tour, then we’ll go to Wolmido Island by bus.

Second, Wolmido Island

Arriving in Wolmido Island, we’ll face huge rides and cool sea.

It is famous for its pirate ship that is known as the most thrilling ride in Korea.

Also, Disco pangpang that bounces people is famous for a lot of jokes of DJ. The biggest advantage of Wolmido amusement park is that we don’t need to wait for going on the rides because there are not many people. Also, boarding time is long, so we’ll enjoy sufficiently.

We’ll buy a ticket to experience three rides. We’ll ride One for the pirate ship, the others for what you want to ride.

Sure, you can ride the pirate ship more and Also other rides like Disco pangpang.

This is all for my tour course. After ending the tour we’ll go back to Inchon station.  

If you want to ride more, we can do that. Also If not rides, we can look at the beautiful night view of Wolmido Island.

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Exit 3 of Incheon Subway Station (Line 1), Walk to China town



Lunch at Chinese restaurant 



China town Tour (Fairy Village~Jayu park)



Going to Wolmido Island by bus at China town



Arrive in Wolmido Island Ride three rides



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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