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Shopping and Eating in the center of Korean youth


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Hello guys 🙂 My name is Min Ji. I’m a university student in Seoul! I’m a very outgoing, talkative, friendly and energetic person! I love meeting new people and getting along with them. I love dancing, singing and taking photos I also love traveling and I know that the trip can vary a lot depending on who you are traveling with! That’s why I’m here! Waiting to give you precious memories here in Korea! If you want to have a fun, exciting trip to Korea please message me! Also if you want to make a friendly pal in Korea please message me! I’ll be waiting for you


3 hrs


Culture / Food


Konkuk Univ.

First, Common Ground

Let’s shop and eat at Konkuk University! I’ll show you how REAL Korean students hang out!

First, our tour will begin at Common Ground, world’s biggest pop-up container shopping
mall. In Common Ground, you can buy various items such as clothes, cosmetics, K-Pop souvenirs, and accessories. If you are interested in K-style, K-beauty or K-pop I think Common Ground is the perfect place for you to go! Also, thanks to its unique structures there are many photo spots to take photos!

Second, Kimbusam restaurant

After the first course in Common Ground, we will walk to Konkuk Univ.’s street of foods. Then we will have dinner at ‘Kimbusam’. ‘Kimbusam’ is one of the finest pork-belly restaurants in Seoul. Here in Kimbusam, I’ll show you the perfect way to eat pork-belly and we can try Korean drinks there!

Third, Fun City Arcade

Last but not least, we will go to ‘Fun City Arcade’ after dinner. Recently, many young people in Korea love to spend their time in arcades. Usually in Korea arcades, not only do they have game machines but also they have karaoke machines. If you like singing and playing games I’m sure that we will have a great time here!

Real Video Clip




Konkuk Univ. subway station (line2&7) exit 6(inside)



Common Ground Tour( shopping&taking photos)



Dinner in Kimbusam (pork-belly restaurant)



Go to Fun City(arcade&karaoke)



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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