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(Always updated) N.E.A.R (New, Eat and Relax) in Hong-dae

Hongdae Korea Bean Sprout Soup

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I’m a person with so many curiosities of other cultures. I think you and I can talk about many topics. Liked traveling around Korea, can share many ideas or interests about other places in Seoul or Korea.


3 hrs 30mins


Activity / Food




Explore the Hongdae that is always updated. Hongdae street is an area with plenty of varieties. Shopping, Foods, Activities, Entertainments and so on. And the Tour will be little expedition on every day different Hongdae. 

First, Lunch at Sambaek-jip (Korea Bean Sprout Soup)

First, we take a walk along the main street. You can eat street foods, playing at amusement store. And we talk many stories and getting to know about each other.
Lunch will take place at one of the many restaurants in a street. You can choose various menus in a restaurant. However, my suggestion is one that serves Jeon-ju style bean sprout soup with rice. It seems a bit awkward to have such menu in Seoul. jeon-ju is well-known city for tasty dishes and bean sprout soup is one of those tasty dishes. And it is a quiet good menu for lunch. The name of the restaurant “sambaek-jip” means it sold only 300 portions a day.

Second, Cafe

After lunch, we can go directly to the Café. Or can go after having some desserts. Either way is fine to me. You choose going directly to the Café. Then I will guide you the Oriental treat-themed café. There is another Café similar with it. But, I choose this because It has more attracting things and reasonable price. The Café is owned by a real Oriental doctor. At Café, it has massage machine, herbal teas and snacks. You can relax with teas while you getting a massage as much as you want. And You can make one free oriental pill by yourself.

Real Video Clip




Hongdae station (Line 2 and airport line) Exit 8(inside)



Walk along Hong-dae culture street



Lunch(Bean Sprout and Rice Soup) in sambaek-jip



Oriental treat-themed café ”Chin gu-ne heo joon”(Friend’s house heojoon)



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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