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(Gyeongju) Historical site Tour

Historical site Tour in hottest spot Korea. Gyeongju was a capital city in Silla Dynasty. This tour is Silla dynasty’s historical site tour.
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Hi 🙂 I’m YoungRan Kim and I’m a student of Ulsan Univ. I’m studying history for my 2nd major, because I like to travel around the world, historical knowledge makes the trip awesome. If you agree with my opinion, plz select me! I can explain the history of Ulsan, and Korea if you want. Finally I like to have a conversation and I’m good at listening to your story and taking pictures of you!! Maybe you’ll like it!


5 hrs


History / Food



First, Bulguksa

Gyeongju was a capital city in Silla Dynasty. This tour is Silla dynasty’s historical site tour. So You can experience the tradition of Silla. Each historical site has handbooks and stamps. It is more fun to stamp on the handbooks.

First, We meet in front of Bulguksa station and move to Bulguksa Temple. Bulguksa temple was built more than 5,000 years ago. You may hear the wooden percussion instrument which is used when the monk chants the Buddhist scriptures. And you can see the harmony between wooden buildings and nature. It makes you relaxed.

After, we have lunch near Bomun Tourist Complex. I recommend both two dishes small octopus stew(낙지전골) and soft tofu stew(순두부찌개). You can choose lunch menu from them.

Second, Cheomseongdae

After lunch, we move to Cheomseongdae. Cheomseongdae is an Observatory of Silla dynasty. It was verified that the people who lived in Silla dynasty observed astronomical phenomena in real.

Walking along the Cheomseongdae, there is a Hanok Village named Gyochon. You can put on Hanbok which is traditional clothes of Korea. Also, you can enjoy traditional experiences like making rice cakes.

Finally, We move to Cheonmachong which is probably the tomb of a king of Silla. The name, Cheonmachong, means heavenly horse tomb. Because Ancient people include a gold crown and a pair of birch bark saddle flaps which were painted with a flying horse. We can enter inside the tomb.

At the end of the tour, There is a bakery near Cheonmachong. We can enjoy slices of bread representing Gyeongju such as Hwangnam bread(황남빵) and Barley Bread(찰보리빵).

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Meet at Bulguksa Station (불국사역)



Bulguksa Temple Tour 



Lunch near Bomun Tourist Complex



Go to Cheomseongdae Observatory (첨성대)



Go to GyoChon Hanok Village (교촌한옥마을)



Go to Cheonmachong Ancient Tomb (천마총, 대릉원)



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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