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Places that you must go if you travel Seoul

Gwangjang Market Hanok village Insadong, Ssamjigil

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3 hrs 30mins


Traditional / Food



First, Gwangjang Market

On this tour, we’re gonna go the places that you should go if you’re traveling Seoul, Korea.
First of all, we will go to Gwangjang Market.
At this market, there’re lots of Korean traditional food.
And I hope we can try alive octopus or raw beef, which is my favorite.
If you don’t’ like that type of food, there are many different Korean foods.

Second, Hanok village

And after having a meal., we will move to Hanok village. You can see many Korean traditional houses, and we can take pictures. If you want to try on Hanbok( Korean traditional clothes), you can! (But it will be cold, so it’s optional.) I will take a lot of photos of you! If you want, of course!

Third, Insadong

And we’re gonna go Insadong, Ssamjigil, which is very famous for travelers to Korea.
You can buy souvenirs for your friends and family.
If you don’t like traditional things. At Ssamjigil, there’s a lot of modern things you can buy.
And here, we can take sticker photos. ( Also, here you can try on Hanbok, Korean traditional clothes.)

Real Video Clip




Jongno5ga station (Line1) Exit 8 (inside)


13:00 date=

Have a meal and take a look around the market

2019-02-13 00:00


Bukchon Hanok village tour



Insdong & Ssamjigil tour 



End of tour


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