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(Gwangju) (Only spring) Rose are blossom and we are blossom

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Hello, my name is Joo Hyeong. Just call me Joo! I’m kind, emotional and I like to walking and look around 🙂 and I’m very talkative. My favorite thing is eating delicious food and I love drinking coffee.


2 hrs


Entertainment / Food



First, Chosun University

This tour is about going to ‘Rose Festival’ playing and take wonderful pictures.
Also, we’ll eat some delicious food in University town.

It is very big and famous festival in Gwangju so many couples and family go there.
There are various roses that the color and nationality and variety are all different. So you can take beautiful pictures with flowers.

And the festival will be held in the Chosun University ‘Rose Garden’ so after watching the Rose you can look around the Korea University (Chosun University). Chosun University is very famous for the campus size. It’s the biggest campus in Gwangju and it is one of the big campuses in Korea.

Second, Hound Dog restaurant

After watching and playing in the rose garden and campus we will eat some delicious pasta or rice in the campus town.

Real Video Clip




Look around Chosun University (Rose Garden)



Eat Lunch (Hound Dog)



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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