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Hi Nice to meet you 🙂 I’m Moonsun Kim. I’m living in yeouido, Seoul. I’m majoring in Hospitality and Tourism management at Sejong University.
I’m sociable but I’m a little shy in front of foreigners due to language.
But I want to break a language barrier with talking with you. Another reason why I apply for MYTM is that I want to make foreigner friends in order to make a good memory with you, keep contacting with you and let you know about Korea culture. So let’s be a good friend each other and make a valuable memory. I like shopping and looking for good restaurants. I’m sure that I can bring you a great restaurant in yeouido.
I like hanging out with friends everywhere so I can recommend nice places to enjoy your left travel in Korea. Thank you for your time.
P.S. I’m not really good at speaking English but I’ll have practiced hard speaking English until our meeting day. 😉


3 hrs


Culture / Food



First, Gwangjang Market Korean Food

Let’s enjoy real Korean food and clothing in the traditional market called as Gwangjang Market! This tour will let you know the appearance of the traditional market in the Seoul and make you try a diversity of Korean food in the market. The Gwangjang Market is famous for delicious food like Gimbap, Stir-fried Rice Cake called Tteokbokki, Japchae, rice cake called Tteok and so on. So we will eat first Stir-fried Rice Cake called Tteokbokki and Gimbap which is so delicious that people call the Gimbap as like drug. It means It has kinds of a strong addiction to wanting to eat again. After Gimbap and Tteokbokki, we will also try mung-bean pancake whose Korean name is Bindaetteok. Korean usually eat this food with Makgeolli which is a traditional alcohol when it rains. It’s kinds of tradition. 

Second, Shopping in Gwangjang market

After having two kinds of food, we will start sightseeing in the market. There are Korean traditional clothes called as Hanbok. It is really gorgeous. In addition, you can get several souvenirs like laver, which is known as a popular souvenir in Korea. And you can do shopping and buy clothing in the shopping arcade close to Gwangjang Market. Used clothing is sold with very cheap price. Also this shopping center was on the television by a celebrity and the program name is ‘I live by myself’. So If you want to go shopping, let’s go shopping with me. I will help to select which clothing look good on you.

Real Video Clip




Seoul, Jongno 5(o)-ga Station Subway Station (Line 1), Exit7 (outside)



Have light food, Tteokbokki and Gimbap



Tour in Gwangjang Market



Have Bindaetteok and Makgeolli



Do shopping



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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