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Hello, my name is Hyunble Choie. I can show you where to visit Korea, and I can give you a detailed tour of Korea and enjoy it. I love to travel, most of my traveling is nature and activity. and I want to know one thing! your travel stories! as it will be a theme of my travel in future that I go to travel in each country. which traveling of your country is so good? I hope to exchange information that exciting travel in Korea and your country. and we are best friends and trustful tour mate! if you want, I make to send for video of your traveling in Korea when you and I go around Seoul in Korea!


3 hrs 30mins


Entertainment / Culture



First, Cafe “KKULDABANG”

There is nothing to see except Lotte, Olympic Park, and Lake Seokchon in Jamsil?
Then, I will recommend this trip!
This trip gives us a comfortable course near Sports complex in Jamsil.
Sports complex make a rest that a variety of facility and a beautiful green space to carry on a healthy life for leisure and physical fitness promotion on people.
I get inspiration for the sports complex, making a rest course that takes a break with family and friends whose have tired body and mind in a busy daily life.

Because of frequent night work, Office worker that accumulate stress and fatigue increases, get attention to fast healing.
When pressed for time, Fast healing takes a break for a short time as fast food.
KKULDABANG that can take a massage and sleep nap by a massage chair gets popular between working men and women.


2. Activity archery, “LOBINHOOT”
All over the world, Bow existed to hunting and war tools.
Archery is to differentiate Korea tradition “Kungdo” that derived from Mongolia.
In 1984, The world surprised from Ms. Seo who first entered won a gold medal in the 23rd Olympic Games.
After the nation’s archery champions, the Olympic Games, and the Asian Games have continued to win the highest position, and in particular, women’s archery is becoming more difficult than the world’s most advanced tournament.

Third, “Mother Hands KALGUKSOO”

3. Food “Mother Hands KALGUKSOO” (Mixed clam soup and noodle)
Kalguksu begins to appear during the Joseon Dynasty.
Kalguksu had been used buckwheat and a small amount of flour because flour wasn’t common.
Because of the harvest of wheat before June 15, the delicacy of food was eaten in the middle of summer.
It was because the potato and the young pumpkin were grown in the middle of this year.
After the Korean War, Kalguksu began serving as a popular food for ordinary people with flour coming in the United States.

Real Video Clip




Sports Complex Subway Station (Line 2), Exit 4



Cafe ‘KKuldabang’ (Relieve body’s fatigue and drink tea of herb)



Enjoy to Archery in Lobinhoot



Eat to Kalguksoo (mixed clam and noodle)



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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