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Enjoy the Seoul City at a glance

Enjoy the Seoul City at a glance. We will walk around the Seokchon Lake. Lotteworld tower tour looking sunset and nightscape

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Hello, I am Korean college student who wants to give a great time to people. I love walking around and trip many hot places, so I went to lots of places in Seoul during this vacation. I really want to introduce those spots. I’m very talkative and energetic. I want to have a great time with many people making special memories.


4 hrs


Culture / Nature



First, Seokchon Lake

Enjoy the Seoul city at the highest building in Korea.
You can feel new views of Seoul through this course. We will walk around the Seokchon Lake which is very calm and comfortable. We also can see the Lotte world at a very close distance.

Second, Lotteworld tower

After we take a rest walking around the lake, we will go the Lotteworld tower to see the Seoul at a glance. It was built this year (April) so it is very clear and modern. We will enter at B2 and we will go up to 117-story through an elevator. The entrance time is fixed, so it was not too much crowded. There are many interesting illusions so that the way to enter is not boring.

There are many floors which we can see the outside and picture points. The most thrilling spot is a glass floor at the 118th floor where you would feel even scared. The top of the building is 123-story. Other floors between 117th and 123th floor have each escalator, so we can appreciate the outside as we want.
I want to meet before at 7 due to the sunset time is 7:43 p.m. at summer. Thus, when we meet at winter, the meeting time would be earlier. The time would be adjusted as we contact.

The dinner is optional. You can choose what you like. There were several menus and we will choose before the meeting. The price is different as which you choose. But the most of the price would be similar with common menus. If you have a little time so you want to meet later, it would be okay to choose the third option.

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Jamsil Subway Station (Line 2), Exit2 (Outside)



Walk around the Seokchon Lake



Dinner (Optional; without dinner, the meeting time would be postponed)



Lotteworld tower tour looking sunset and nightscape



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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