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HEY THERE:) Welcome to my profile. As I write, I am a sociable and outgoing person. I reeeaaaalllly like meeting new people. And seriously, I swear that we could make unforgettable memory and be a GREAT TOURMATE! Let’s have fun in Seoul, the full of awesomeness


4 hrs


Culture / Food



First, Hongkong-Banjum/Daepo-jiimdak

The theme of our trip is to feel a young and lively Korean culture. This course is not a tourist course, so it is difficult to find someone if you are not a local. Most of the courses for tourists are artificial, but our journey is a vibrant place so locals also love it.
Hyehwa is a symbol of youth because it is located in the street of college. We are going to meet there, Hyehwa station, Exit 2. And we should have to get a ticket for our show. After we get a ticket, we will go to a Korean restaurant. There are two options, so you can choose one. Both are really tasty.

1.’Hongkong-Banjum’ in Korean ‘홍콩반점‘ It’s Chinese restaurant but the origin is Korea. You can choose black noodle or hot red noodle.
2.‘Daepo-jiimdak’ in Korean ’대포찜닭‘ It’s steamed chicken and tastes little bit spicy. But it’s not that hot because there is a lot of cheese.

Second, Daehakno Theatre

After dinner, we are going to see a play or a musical. Language does not matter because the plot is not complicated. There are plenty of places to enjoy the play, including the atmosphere of the theater, the actor’s breathing, and the physical activity.
Here are 3 options. U can pick one.

1. Rooftop Room Cat (romantic comedy play) – It is a comic love story between young men and women living in the rooftop.
2. The method of temptation (romantic comedy musical) – Story is about the couple who have excellent skills in “love”.
3. Annarasuamnara _Do you believe magic? (Healing genre, play) – This is a dreamy and fantastic story of a poor girl who meets a real magician and finds her dream.

Third, Naksan Park

when the show is over, we will go to the night watch or go to the cafe. The night view must climb because it is a hill. It is beautiful to see the night view of Seoul. But if you are tired of climbing, you can go to the cafe. The cafe is also very beautiful place. It is a rooftop cafe, so you can enjoy the scenery or watch a movie.

Real Video Clip




Arrived in Hyehwa station and go to ticket booth



Go to Korean restaurant U choose



Watching musical



Go to Naksan Park or cafeteria named ‘slow step’



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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