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(Paju) Chicken jumped into the Noodle with health!

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me, energetic outgoing person 🙂
I had a many time road trip in Australia and Korea as well.
I have many friends in abroad, so don’t mind to be a friend with me.
I’m very kind and sweet person.
I’m having a performance about singing in hong-dae in Korea.
I’m really into music, history, and culture.

I’m waiting for you 🙂

Thank you!


2 hrs


Food / Culture



“Paju Chicken Noodle” : Chicken Noodle

paju Korean traditional chicken noodle local tour korea
paju Korean traditional chicken noodle local tour korea
paju Korean traditional chicken noodle local tour korea
paju Korean traditional chicken noodle local tour korea

There is a super famous ‘Korean Traditional Chicken noodle restaurant’ in Paju.
The name of restaurant is only just ‘Paju Chicken Noodle’
I’m 100% sure about that is a proud about their food of the owner.

There is two boss of this restaurant and they are friends from elementary school.
After they became adult, they started their own restaurant each of them.
One was a Chinese noodle restaurant, and other was Japanese noodle restaurant.
After a while, they were on a hard time to manage their restaurant.
At that moment, they had thought,
“ok, let’s try the noodle of korea with chicken! we are Korean!”
Then, they started to make a fantastic taste of Korean Chicken noodle.
They used over one fully truck of chickens to make a soup, and it took around 100days.
They cooked it every night and days.
And they finally made it, and people have started realize it is super nice.
That’s why this restaurant is super famous.

And even it comes with half of boiled chicken in the noodle!!!
I had a meal heaps of times in this restaurant and never regret about it.
So now I want to eat with you guys.
And we also can eat deep fried sweet and sour chicken as a side meal.
It is super good as well and very cheap.

Hope you guys come to eat this Chicken Noodle.




Meet at Geumchon train station (Kywongui central line), Exit1



Arrive at Restaurant “Paju Chicken Noodle” (I will take you to there by my own car)



 Waiting times is about 10-20 minutes. It can be a little shorter or longer.



Eat Lunch with me!


Finish the lunch ( absolutely you can eat without any interruption of the time.) Take you to the Train station by my car.



End of tour

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(Paju) You Are In D.M.Z.

DMZ is an area occupying two kilometers out from the border of both Koreas, stretching a total of 64 million Pyeong(or around 50,156 ac).
Along this DMZ bisecting the two Koreas stand almost 2 million armed soldiers from both sides.


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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