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M & M(Marketplace&marketplace) tour in Dong-myo

dongmyo market

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I’m a person with so many curiosities of other cultures. I think you and I can talk about many topics. Liked traveling around Korea, can share many ideas or interests about other places in Seoul or Korea.


2 hrs 30mins


Traditional/ Culture



First, Dongmyo Market

The market is where we can feel and see locals’ life. In this tour, We will travel two Folklore markets near Historic heritage called “Dongmyo”. Not only “Dongmyo”, a Shrine that mourns faithful figure of ancient Chinese epic, has some exotic aspect of Korea and East Asia, But also market that take places near that temple is attractive too. At Dong-myo market, you can see many stores selling second-hand goods from T-shirts to Antiques. When we take a look second-hand clothes store, You might find your own vintage treasure. 

Second, Lunch

After looking around the market, We will have a lunch. We got many varieties of menu. As your choice, we can go different restaurants.
Near the Dongmyo market, we can have dumpling soup or market style fried chicken. 

1. 옛날 국밥집(Old day rice soup house)
It serves various Korean style meals. Among those menus, dumpling soup or Pork Rib Hangover Soup those two could be favorable choices. 

2. 한국통닭(Korea fried chicken)
Fried chickens are not all the same with bbq or kfc’s. This different style chicken is literally “Fried chicken”. Much less seasonings and thiner crust are its character. And its much cheaper than typical Fries.

Third, Seoul Poongmul Market

After lunch, we will move to next market, “Seoul poongmul market”.  And the way to Seoul poongmul market, there is Cheonggyecheon stream. Here is much different with the other stream-like Near city hall. less trimmed stream and glass and trees, and birds and fishes give you another image about Cheonggyecheon. The place, Seoul poongmul market, is renovated market that some similar markets near neighborhoods. And the place is built to attract more customers. So, It has more tourist attractions than Dongmyo market. In a place where furnished to 7~80’s style zone, We can wear old-time school uniforms. And old-style barbershop section where can take pictures like barber and customer. And They offer a daily changing craft class. Most of them are making or painting Korean style paper crafts. And it’s free of charge.

Real Video Clip




  Seoul, Dongmyo Subway Station (Line 1 & 6), Exit6 (Inside)



Looking around Dongmyo market and Dongmyo



Lunch (dumpling soup or market style fried chicken or Pork Rib Hangover Soup)



Walk along Cheonggyestream



Seoul poongmul market tour



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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