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(Daegu) Time travelers from modern times of Daegu

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Hi~ friends! My name is Jeffrey living in Daegu. I’m a really travel-holic guy and my life is full of a plan to go anywhere in the all over the world. I’ve just been China ~ Australia ~ Thai ~ Laos, and Vietnam. But it is just a starting point for my great dream. I’m really interested in photography, so I’m practicing taking a sensitive portrait nowadays. The impressive photo, what I take for you, makes your memory about travel much stronger. Making your memorable travel would be my huge honor. Don’t hesitate, just join with me !


5 hrs


History/ Culture



First, Jin gol-mok(street)

Walk along the street and feel the modern times of Korea, Daegu.
No old palaces, No bored museums are there.
Just old street, which is sometimes narrow or long, is waiting for you.
I know this tour is not that much exciting or funny.
But I can make sure I can give you a chance to take memorable feeling just by walking.

There’s lots of secret point on this tour and you need to solve the secret mission.
The secret is collecting stamps which are placed near memorial streets or historic sites.
After collecting more than 7 stamps, you can get a fulfilling experience and discount coupons which are useful in some restaurant or souvenir shop, near Old-street.

Second, Yangnyengsi museum of oriental medicine

Daegu has been famous for oriental medicines since Chosun dynasty which was the last monarchy in Korean history. So, there is a special street in the central part of Daegu. That is specially dealing with selling and experiencing oriental medicines. So, you can experience foot bath by oriental medicines and make lip balm by yourself in Oriental medicines museum. You can enjoy a way of healing your emotions and body.

Third, Old house of Korean poet & Gye-san yega

You can also enjoy a various kind of food in West gate market, which is the biggest market in Daegu. Nowadays, It is famous for the night market. You can take a chance to eat not only Korean food but also fusion cuisines. So I’m sure that you would hesitate to choose what you eat. But all kind of foods are tasty, so anything you choose would be okay.

I’m gonna be a sensual tour guide and photographer for you. I wish my effort would make your tour perfect. Just make your footprints on the street as you collect stamps on the paper. Just walk and feel it. And then you can go back to the past, modern times of Korea.

Real Video Clip




Walk along Jin gol-mok(street) and have a lunch in Jin gol-mok old restaurant



Visit Yangnyengsi museum of oriental medicine (Foot bath & making lip balm)



Visit old house of Korean poet & Gye-san yega (Experience Center, renting Hanbok)



Visit Gye-san Catholic church



Walk along 3•1 resistance memorial street and take a photo wearing Hanbok



Visit West gate market and take a dinner



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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