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The Secret Garden in Changdeok Palace

Changdeokgung palace Gwangjang market Bindaetteok Hotteok gimbap Tteokbokki

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Hi everyone! 😀 thank you for reading my profile. I’m Jinseo lee who wants to be your tourmate. I like to talk with anyone but I’m shy of talking with foreigners because of the language. haha..:) I want to broke the language barrier and hit it off well with you! Sometimes, I may make you feel frustrated because of my poor English skills, but I will do my best to present you best memory in Seoul.(and I will have studied a lot until our tour day!) Also, I will do my best to be your true friend, not just tourmate. I like shopping, going to the cafe, talking, eating and taking a picture. I would like to present you the best pic with a precious memory. I really really want to be your tourmate. I hope to see you soon!! Thank you 😀 ~


4 hrs


 Traditional / Food


Changdeok Palace

First, Changdeok Palace

Changdeokgunug (Changdeok Palace) has been almost entirely preserved in its original state. The palace was built as a secondary dwelling to Gyeongbok in 1405 but later used as the main palace by the Joeson royals.

We are going to focus on the It’s Secret Garden, which was built as a place of rest and intellectual contemplation for the kings, in this tour.

We are to meet in Anguk Subway Station Exit 3 (outside) at two p.m and go to the ticket office in Changdeokgung for the tickets. Depending on how many people are there, this may take a few minutes. So we need to arrive at the ticket office before 30 minutes of reservation (the reservation time may be 2:30). PLEASE DON’T BE LATE!!

Visits to the secret garden are allowed only with a guide and the tour lasts for about 1h and 30 minutes. You are not allowed to go back by yourself or lag behind the group during the tour as there will be always one guard to follow and force you to keep up. And you will have a bit of hard walking to do up and down the hills to reach the various destinations, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Second, Gwangjang market

After the tour in Changdeokgung, we are going to Gwangjang market for dinner. Gwangjang market, which is Korea’s oldest traditional market, continues to gain its popularity among foreigners for its street food. You can find Bindaetteok(mung bean pancakes), Hotteok (brown sugar pancakes), gimbap (rice roll), Tteokbokki(rice cake) and mandu (Korean dumplings). And if you are brave, you can try Yukhoe (raw beef). We will end our tour after the dinner.

Real Video Clip




Anguk Subway Station (Line3), Exit 3 (outside)



Watch the Secret Garden in Changdeok Palace



Look around the Gwangjang market



Eating dinner at Gwangjang market



End of tour


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