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(Busan) Local market in Nam-po : Jagalchi fish market & international market

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Hi there! my name is Seol Lee. Just call me snow because ‘Seol’ means snow in Korean. Now, I am so happy to get a chance to meet you guys. As for personality, I am an outgoing person. so I like going outside, working out and meeting new friends. 😉 If you wanna travel to Busan, just contact me!
I am sure that I can perfectly guide you well. haha! it will be totally great to meet you guys and me! Yeah, this is it! 


3 hrs


Traditional / Food



First, BIFF Road

This tour’s subject is ‘Local Culture’. After meeting at the subway station, we will have a lunch firstly. Do you know ‘wheat noodle’ called milmyeon?
This is traditional food in Busan, it has a history. It was made by refugees during the Korean War. The refugees who had eaten the buckwheat noodle at their hometown made it from wheat flour, because the buckwheat was hard to find here. 

Plus, in my tour, you can stroll the load called a BIFF square.
In Busan, there is Busan international film festival. It takes place every fall. And it takes the Christmas tree festival in December. There are crowded with so many people like a couple, family and traveler. 

Second, Jagalchi fish market & Gukje market

After then we go the Jagalchi fish market and the traditional market called Gukje sijang. There were in a famous movie called ‘Gukje sijang’ in 2016. There are so many local people and lots of food! Don’t you think it would be fun?

Real Video Clip




Nam-po Subway Station (Line 1), Exit7 (Inside)



BIFF load tour (Rodeo street)



Eating Whaet Noodle(local food) at Halmae gaya milmyeon



Looking around Jagalshi fish market&international market



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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