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(Gyeongju) Beautiful twilight of Gyeongju, look around with me~!


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Hello my name is kimsieon. I’m from Jeonju, but I live in Gyeongju now. I’m a college student. I study hotel management and tourism. I like meeting people and talking with them.
Also, I love traveling. I’m ready for meeting you and making you happy. A sightseeing city of Gyeongju, look around with me!


3 hrs 30mins


Traditional / Nature



First, Daereungwon

This tour will take you to a breezy stroll along the core attractions of Gyeongju. First, we will walk in the Daereungwon. Daereungwon, or Tumuli park, contains 23 royal Silla tombs. The Silla kingdom in the south end of the Korean peninsula flourished from roughly 668 to 935 AD. The tombs are very large, grass-covered mounds (see photo) on the south edge of Gyeongju. Several of the mounds/tombs have been excavated and you can enter them.
The most famous tomb is the Cheonmachong, or flying-horse tomb. After we look around Daereungwon, we will eat dinner located on the cross of the Cheomseongdae. You will experience the home food of Korea.

Second, Cheomseongdae

After dinner, we are going to go Cheomseongdae. Cheomseongdae is an astronomical observatory observing the stars. It is the oldest astronomical observatory in the Orient, and it is a valuable cultural heritage that shows the high levels of science at the time.

Third, Anapji Pond

Finally, we are going to go Anapji Pond. Anapji Pond is core attraction of Gyeongju. Anapji pond was one of the main places of the united Silla kingdom. Many buildings were located within the place grounds including Imhaejeon Hall. Parties were reportedly held here to celebrate the festive events of the kingdom or to welcome visitors.

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Daereungwon place tour



Eat dinner at Kyodong restaurant



Cheomseongdae place tour



Anapji Pond’s night view tour



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

  1. Abraham Gyee, Jr. says:

    I’am Abraham Gyee, Jr. a Liberian age 29. I would like travel to South Korea for tourism. Therefore, I’am kindly asking for invitation from anybody who would like to help in this light.

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    • MYTM says:

      Hello, Abraham Gyee, Jr.
      Thank you for comment.
      I send the information about Korean travel through e-mail.
      I hope you have a wonderful trip in Korea.

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