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(Ansan) Follow me for the taste of happiness in an beautiful island

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Hi, my name Jung Young Hwa, 40 years old, nickname daddy Jung Young Hwa, living in Ahasan. I am a loving father and husband, and I always put my family the priority. I enjoy taking pictures, traveling different places, listening to music, and watching movies. Though English is not my mother tongue, I believe body language or body gesture can help us communicate. I am also trying my best to learn English. My one of my strengths is to get to know new people and to enjoy every little thing.


5 hrs 30mins


Nature / Food



First, Sights of Ansan

Hello, I enjoy and good at traveling, eating, and taking pictures.

Though English isn’t my mother tongue, communication will not be a problem since there is a world famous language, body language.

I travel region to region and get recommendations for local sightseeing and restaurants. Thereby I guarantee you the best local attractions I’ve experienced with my unique itinerary.
Taste of Happiness

You and I are going to discuss the places and food you have in mind in Ansan and hunt hidden treasures together. Don’t worry about getting tired, I will give you a ride throughout the trip.

Ansan is a city with a nice beach. Imagine yourself sitting on the beach, watching the sunset, and enjoying Korean food; Bulgogi, port belly BBQ, Soju, Korean coffee, Kimchi, and etc. I will prepare the food on the day of our trip.

After appreciating and strolling around the beach, if time allows, you may also experience tideland. What’s more, eating famous steamed bread of Daebu Island and having a cup of coffee at an observatory platform with a great view are other fun activities.

We will then try some spicy food when the sun goes down. Grilled eel and spicy pork belly that go well with Soju will conclude your day of a trip.

I will leave the choice up to you among grilled eel and spicy pork belly BBQ.
My preference is grilled eel because of its mild flavor and it goes well with Soju.

Grab the opportunity to fully experience Korea.
I will be your guide to discover small happiness in your life in Korea.

Real Video Clip




Meet at the Bus station across from Ansan station



Arrive at Gubongdo station. BBQ party at the trunk of the Van (beer or soju). Gubongdo Hesol road tracking (at low tide, you can experience tideland)



Arrive at Daimojima (special steamed bread house)



Arrive at T-Light Observatory Platform(Have a cup of coffee)



Enjoy grilled eel or spicy port belly BBQ (feel famous local food of Ansan). Take the train and get off at Sangroksu Station or Ansan Terminal



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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