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gangnam express bus terminal

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is currently living in Seoul. He is majoring in fine arts in Korea National University of Arts (KNUA/K’ARTS). Most of his artistic activities are based in Seoul. As a member of THREEFEETDEEP, art crew mostly throwing parties, he handles decorating venues, lights, photo and video.
He spent 3 years in China and Canada where he was motivated a lot and allowed him to be comfortable with foreigners. He likes to practice his camping skills which he learned while he was a scout for 8 years. Also he likes to walk around the city by himself listening to his favorite playlist. Having been to Russia twice, Kuwait and Dubai 3 months each, having an Irish uncle in law, he is very open to different cultures and religion.
His everyday life is composed of drawing and making. All the lines, shapes, patterns and colors are coming out of one bucket filled with experience and memories he have been collecting for short but lush 20 years.


4 hrs


Activity / Food



First, Gangnam Express Bus Terminal

Express bus terminal in Gangnam is a hub for domestic tourists and people who are willing to visit Seoul for other areas. I have been living in Seorae village which is right near the terminal for more than 12 years but I would like to focus on the terminal this time because that’s where I used to go when I hang out with friends! So the terminal is the largest bus terminal in Seoul and it’s very complex. But for a person who eats, plays, runs around and buy material in the place like me, the routes are all in my head. So I can show you around all the shopping places in the easiest way. Express bus terminal has Shinsaegae department store, Goto mall (where you can buy cheap trending clothes, shoes and accessories), Famille station (where there are a lot of unique shops), Famille street ( where they gathered together all the famous restaurants in Seoul, one of the biggest art supply store, Daiso (market for cheap home appliances and etc), and the greatest thing is it has a Han river right nearby! 

Second, Dinner

After we look around the whole terminal from corner to corner, I would like to take you to a barbeque place on the roof of the terminal where it has a great view. We can enjoy the view, brag about the things we bought and experience the Korean barbeque.

Real Video Clip




Meet in Express bus terminal station exit 5 (inside) and start looking around.



Visit big bookstore, department store, famille street, stores and art supplies store



Go to a hidden roof top barbeque place and enjoy the grill.



Eat and drink!



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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