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Hello~I’m Jehui. I was born and raised in Gwangju and I’m living in Gwangju now. I graduated with a double major in Administration and English literature. I’m the kind of person who likes trying new things. When I’m free, I just tend to read books often. Also, I love singing songs sometimes and always listen to music when I’m on the move. Above all, I love meeting people and I’m interested in making foreign friends.
So I hope we can make good memories!:)


4 hrs


Culture / Food



First, Yangrim-dong, Penguin Village

I will take you to Gwangju’s hottest spots on a tour focused on photography and food. The first place is “Penguin Village” in Yangrimdong, named after the way elderly walk like penguins. This place is a great place to take pictures as a lot of people go there.

Second, Chungjang-ro street

The next place is “Chungjang-ro street” in downtown. We will get a taxi to get there. I’ll introduce Sky Park(Hanul madang) located in ACC(Asia Culture Center), Chungjangro. Sky Park is beautiful at night because of the bright lights. But I think it would be good to take pictures during the day(Your camera will love you). ACC has some events like flea market or sometimes even street performances. So you can see all of that or we can just rest and talk at a café if you would rather do that. There are a lot of things that you can see in downtown, Chungjangro.

Third, 1913 Songjeong Market

The last place is “1913 Songjeong Market.” We will take a subway to get the market. Gwangju is known for its night markets and Songjeong Market is the oldest market as it has been running since 1913. If you walk through the market’s streets, you can see quite old school items, snacks, and stores. Tteokgalbi(grilled short rib patties/Galbi is the rib meat and Tteok is rice cake, It’s the same way as making tteok but with meat, that’s why we call it tteok galbi and it is made of pork or beef.) is very famous there, so much so that some tteokgalbi restaurants are broadcasted on television. So maybe we can go eat tteokgalbi or other foods you want to try. 

After having dinner, you can try any street foods as a snack if you want. This summarizes basically everything that you will experience for that day!

Real Video Clip




  Meeting at Yangrim humansia Apt1 bus stop and walking to Yangrim-dong Penguin Village



Chungjangro Street & ACC (Asia Culture Center in downtown) (looking around some places like sky park or street performances/arts, we can go to a café if you want.)



1913 Songjeong Market.(Taking black and white pictures(if you want), having dinner and trying street foods)



End of tour


I want to show you the Real Korea travel stories with locals. For further questions, ask me anytime throught the MYTM facebook. I will reponse right away.

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