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With Yoojin Shin

 Nicolas Filion’ Review

YooJin is the best tourmate possible, she is both really funny and interesting.
Seonyudo Park is really worth a visit and going with YooJin makes it even better!


Hi! I’m Shin yoojin!

I had a tour on Saturday last week in Seonyudo Park Seoul with Nicolas Filion!

But that day was the worst of fine dust in Korea.

So we had to reduce the time at the outside!

I even gave a mask to him!

His name is Nicolas Filion from Canada!

He is very tall and likes to talk and eat!

Chopped noodles

He ate the chopped noodles very delicious. So We ate it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the lunch, we went  to the park.

Despite the fine dust, there were many people in the park!!

Seonyudo Park

I presented Polaroid to him!!

He was really like it!!

I was also a good photographer!

He likes the photo I gave him.

Reduced the time in the park Then we went to a cafe for talking !

We talked about hobbies and trips in the cafe.

Also I recommend a good few places to travel in Seoul !!

It was a very meaningful time to talk with him.