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Hi. My name is Jooyoung or you can call me Julie. Actually, I think I’m not good at Engilish while my university is Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. But I’m sure that we can have a friend because I can understand your telling and your feeling. And eventhough I can not speak English well, I’ll do my best. If we meet, it would be a great memory to you and to me. And I can speak Bahasa Indonesia and Malaysia, so you can speak that language, we can communicate with that language.


3 hrs


Nature / Food



First, Han River Park / Activity

Through this tour, you will be able to enter into Korean’s Han River Life. You will be on the Han River where you can experience ‘speedy but leisurely culture of Seoul’.

Many Koreans live in busy daily life. However, sometimes they enjoy the time to relax. In Seoul, ‘Han River’ is one of the places where people can find their time to relax.

This tour will lead you to the culture of Han River in Seoul. When we meet, you are able to ride something like Segway or electronic kickboard in Han River Park.

Second, Han River Park / CHIMAEK(Chicken+Beer)

After that activity, you can enjoy ‘CHIMAEK’. ‘CHIMAEK’ is a buzzword that means chicken and beer.

In Korea, the culture of delivery is widespread. What is really surprising is that you can deliver it anywhere. I hope to show that culture to you. We will enjoy ‘CHIMAEK’ picnic in the Han River. I think while eating chicken in the Han River, we can talk each other and be a good friend to each other.

If you want to join me and want to feel the culture of Han River, please contact me!

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Yeoinaru Subway Station(Line5), Exit2(inside)



Activity at Han River Park (Segway or electronic kickboard)



CHIMAEK(Chicken+Beer)’ Picnic in Han River Park



End of tour