MYTM - TourmateKorea

With Seunghee Hur

Hi everyone~ I had a tour on last Saturday with Kenneth and Jianwei!

These two friends come from Singapore
Jianwei is Chinese, and Kenneth is Singaporean, but he also can speak Chinese language~

So on this tour, we use Chinese and English!

Meet at Yeouinaru

We met at Yeouinaru subway station~!! It was a wonderful weather to go on a picnic.

We arrived at Han-gang!

Actually, My tour starts at the ice rink, but they said want to skip the ice rink, so we met in Han-gang!
I want to take them to borrow bicycle, BUT………………
That day that bicycle rental shop was closed…………

I knew that they are open on Sunday, but maybe they had some problem@_@

Watch Performance

So instead of taking bike, we walk around the Han-gang.
Fortunately, the weather was perfect, and my friends like the sight of Han-gang,
It was very happy time. And we also watched some busking performance!
That day’s busking was a magic performance~
The performance was very amazing so it was a nice time to us~!!

(I’m in magic club on my school, and Kenneth are also interested in magic)

After watching performance, we had a chat sitting on the grass~
These friends are interested in K-pop and Korean culture, so we talked about that~!!

And this day there are festival(night market) at night, so we looked around there~

Eat Pizza

Our dinner was delivered chicken and pizza.
That pizza is sweet pumpkin pizza It is my favorite pizza in Korea.
I really want to introduce that, so we delivered that pizza.

Kenneth and Jianwei first heard about pumpkin pizza, but after one bite, they said it’s good.

We take some pictures using the SNOW app.

Isn’t it cute??
This is the first tour for me, so before tour, I’m very nervous@_@
But I met really nice friends, and it’s wonderful day to me:)
I hope they also felt that day was really good.