MYTM - TourmateKorea

With Eunmi Kim

Daniel sent me a message when I didn’t do anything for promotions.

I was a little bit surprised but a short time later, we had arranged to meet up!

One more thing that made me surprised is his airbnb house is located in my neighborhood!

So we were able to meet up easily !!! and heading to IFC mall by a taxi.

The image is the map he made to remember a route.

It’s so cute, isn’t it?

IFC Mall

Anyway, we got into IFC mall. I was worried about whether he likes the place. 

Cuz IFC mall consists of many places for women like shopping, watching movies, bookstores, restaurants.

But he’s so flexible that we can enjoy the atmosphere of IFC mall.

ahhh Daniel is from Budapest and his major is computer science, he studied in Germany, US, Japan.

So he has good language skills 😉 He has been traveling around Asia.

and going to NewZealand for working holiday !!!! How cool XD

Back to review, I offered him to eat Hodduck while we were looking around there.

I didn’t ever know he would like this much more than chicken.

Can you believe it? he even asked me its name later and kept wanting it after my tour lol

It’s a shame it is not the winter now but summer

If you come here in the winter, ill buy it hahaha

I don’t understand that you like it more than my love chicken, though.

Chicken&beer at hanriver

Next! We took a subway for Han river 🙂

There were more people there than I expected. They must’ve escaped from scorching heat!

I love enjoying the han river with busking but I’m not sure if D likes it too.

cuz they sang all of Korean songs XD

But we talked about so many things that I’m sure he contented with my tour.

I talked to him about my Couchsurfing stories and he wanted to do it in Korea.

But there are few people doing couchsurfing host. So I promised to make him friends andIi made it!

He hung out with a friend of mine without me and did couchsurfing stuff in her place

and I introduced him to other friends, we drank LOL

D thought that Soju is from Japan !!!! That’s nono. I couldnt help letting him know the taste of Soju.

Glad for him to like it hehehehehe

ahhh we ate chicken&beer at hanriver. but ……… later, he said to me hodduck is better.

you! ate all though!!!!!!!!

Makgeolli and Pajeon

That’s why !! we got together again a few days later with my friends 😉 Jenna and Kevin.

We enjoyed unlimited pork restaurants in spite of the scorching heat.

(I’m not going to go there in the summer!!! haha)

And then went to a bar for makgeolli and pajeon, Korean pizza haha.

We let him know Korean drinking culture and drinking game, ting ting tang tang !

It was a little bit hard to tell him how to do it but he learned well.

He lost the game over and over, though.

We introduced him soju and makgeolli and he gave us Hungarian drinks.
I almost died ^^…………It has 40 degrees…

Daniel is so nice and good-tempered that it wasn’t that hard to show him around Seoul

and for me, it was really good time cuz I was able to return the love I was given from my friends in the US.

We promised to keep in touch and ill contact you when I go to Hungary 😀

I hope you have a great trip after Korea 🙂 and thanks for your review too. hehehe