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With Jinhyung Hong

Ash’ Review

Jinhyeong was a good travel mate. I did the Namsan tower tour with him.

Due to traffic on my way back to Seoul from Nami island, I was running extremely late for N tower tour. But Jinhyeong was very patient and understanding about it and told me not to worry much as he will adjust the tour time accordingly.

We met up and had dinner at halal guys before heading up the tower. The tower was beautiful and nice. Jinhyeong readily offered to be my photographer for the tour so that I could enjoy the view without worrying about a selfie stick. He was friendly and nice travel mate. I would happily recommend this tour to anyone

Hello, My name is Jinhyeong Hong, and I uploaded Gyeongbokgung Palace and Namsan Tower tour courses on MYTM app.
I had nice weekend thanks to Aish who is from Australia.
Actually, her main purpose of visiting Korea is to see her ex roommate’s wedding.
She is supposed to go to Daegu to see it on Wednesday. She is such a good friend.
Before she is leaving Seoul, we did tour together from Itaewon to Namsan.

Halal Guys

Before Heading to Namsan tower, we ate Halal food at The Halal Guys.
While Having meal, we talked a lot to know each other.
After having dinner, we wandered nearby Itaewon station to take a look around.

Namsan Tower

When we arrived at Namsan Tower by bus, I thought that I become her photographer.
She said that she tripped by herself, so she couldn’t take so many pictures.
That’s why I would be her photographer.
We moved around to have fun and to see night view of Seoul.
Let's get the night view at Namsan tower with Ash - MYTM

Night View

We stayed there for about an hour and took a lot of pictures.
The weather was so nice for staying there, and there are fresh air and gorgeous lights that make good mood.
Thus, we had such a good time.
Let's get the night view at Namsan tower with Ash - MYTM
Let's get the night view at Namsan tower with Ash - MYTM

Before we leave, we took a selfie lastly. She said she is going to miss experience in Korea.
I will miss her, but we promise to keep in touch each other and see again in Australia.
I hope that she has nice trip in Korea and goes back to Australia safely. 🙂

Let's get the night view at Namsan tower with Ash - MYTM