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With Jieun lim

Tin lok’ Review

Jieun showed me around Namdaemun market and Sungnyemun Gate.
She is a nice travel companion. She likes to share her story and willing to listen to my stuff.
She is kind and helpful. I had an enjoyable time with her!


Hi~ I am Grace.

I went to Namdaemun Market with tinlok.

We meet at Hoehyeon Subway Station exit 5!

It was the coldest day ever.

Kalguksoo and Bibimbab

First, we ate kalguksoo and bibimbab!
There is a kalguksoo alley in Namdaemun market.

Tin lok ate kalguksoo first time. He said it was interesting~

Around Market 

After we ate kalguksoo, we looked around market.
I introduce korea food (Gim, snack) and korea goods and flower.
Tin lok bought “Your name is” puzzle.
He said prices are cheaper in Korea than in Hong Kong. so I am very satisfied.

After we looked around market, we ate famous Namdaemun market Hoddeok!

It is big and delicious~

After we ate hoddeok, We went to SungNyemun.

But every monday SungNyemun close the door TT

We took a photo and talked about SungNyemun!


After that we went cafe!

We talked about HongKong culture and Tinlok’s tour story!

Tinlok talked about HongKong, Japan, Australia and korea.
This stroy is very interesting!

Also Tinlok showed the maginc.

It was very~ mysterious..0o0

Tinlok said you never do shell game!
lastly, we talked about Namdaemun market tour!
And we promised to meet if we had an opportunity next time.
Thank you for read my tour story and Thank Tinlok for tour with me!