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With Harim Sung

I met Natalie at Seoul Namdaemun market.

It was a little bit hot and find dust was everywhere but it was the great day to walk.

We try to find the cheapest Korean traditional souvenir for her acquaintance and family.

She looks so nice and kind. We became best friends immediately because before we met we have been texting each other for like a couple of months.

Seoul Namdaemun market

And then we go to the building that sells a lot of stuff.

And she finds great gifts for her friends it was really cute and adorable.

And she gave me this little bag contains sweets from Singapore. She was super nice and so considerate.

She bought a Hanbok for her nephew.

I was very happy for her because she found the cheapest one.

It was really great deal.


After we shopped in the market we headed towards Myeongdong. 

And I just want to show her the famous landmark, Myeongdong Cathedral in Myeongdong.

Naksan Park

After we traveled Myeongdong, we took we took a Subway to go to Naksan Park.

And we get there.

Was so great to meet her in the flash.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing her because she has many common things with me such as music taste or film taste.

It was so great to experience and memory.