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My name is Temin Kang. you can call me Temin. I live in Seoul and major in civil engineering & architecture. so I am interested in ‘Hanok’ . in Korea Hanok refers to a traditional Korean style house. and I love to a place where the history of Korea. If I can have the opportunity to travel with my new friend, I can give you lots of information about Korea.


3 hrs


Culture / Food



First, Myeongdong Cathedral / Cheonggyecheon

Do you know Myeongdong Cathedral? Our first place is Myeongdong Cathedral built in 1898, Korea Modernization Heritage. It is the starting point of the Korean Catholic Cathedral and the symbolic place of Korean democratization.

After Myeongdong Cathedral Tour. we take a taxi and go Cheonggyecheon. It is 10.84km across Jongno-gu and Jung-gu in the heart of downtown Seoul. Cheonggyecheon has many histories from Joseon to modern times. 

Second, Korean restaurants

Walking along the Cheonggyecheon to Dongdaemun Station. then We can see many restaurants. there are so many delicious Korean foods.

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1. Gopchang (곱창)
Gopchang refers to the small intestines of cattle (or pig) or to gui, a traditional Korean dish made of the beef (or pork) innards.The latter is also called Gopchang-gui (곱창구이 “grilled beef small intestines”).
Gopchang is chewy with rich elastic fibers and has a flavor.

2. Jjageuli(짜글이)
Jjageuli is a hot pot boiled and seasoned with broth and vegetable and octopus and shrimp giblets. Spicy seasonings and various ingredients are so attractive that they can not be eaten only once.

3. Bossam(보쌈)
Bossom is a pork dish in Korean cuisine. It usually consists of a shoulder or belly pork that is boiled in spices and thinly sliced. The meat is served with side dishes such as spicy radish salad, sliced raw garlic, ssamjang (wrap sauce), Saeu-jeot (salted shrimp), kimchi, and Ssam (wrap) vegetables.
You will feel the taste of general Korea with these Korean foods that Koreans generally enjoy.

Third, Dongdaemun Castle Park

After dinner, We walk to our final place Dongdaemun Castle Park. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the top. At the top, we can see Heunginjimun Gate. Heunginjimun Gate was first built in 1396 with the construction of the Hanyang city. and it is one of the four gates of Hanyang, the capital of Joseon, and is the gate to the east. The name is Dongdaemun, which has been called the early Joseon dynasty. It was designated as Korea’s Treasure No. 1 on January 21, 1963. You will be able to feel the beauty of Seoul by seeing the night view of autumn reed and Heunginjimun Gate.

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Myeongbong Subway Station (Line 4), Exit8 (Inside)



Myeongdong Cathedral Tour



Cheonggyecheon walking



Having dinner



Dongdaemun castle city walking



End of tour