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With HyeBeen Lee

Yik ho’ Review

Hyebeen was really kind and friendly. We got to talk a lot about our cultures and got to know each other better.
The stroll around Seokchon lake was really good. It is nice to have a somewhat quiet en peaceful place to go in a busy and crowded city like Seoul.
The view on the observatory deck of Lotte Tower was amazing as well.


On 10th of May, I did my first tour with Yik Ho from the Netherlands! We met at Jamsil station so we go to Seokchon lake right away.

Seokchon Lake

First, we walked around Seokchon lake.
The weather was cool and the lake was not crowded, so it was perfect to take a walk.
In front of Lotte Tower, we found the Korean flag.
He said it’s interesting because the flag was made with the real flower! 
We walked all around the lake.

After finishing the tour, he said Seokchon lake was the best among all the spots. 🙂

Lotte World Mall

After taking a walk, we went to Lotte World Mall.
The mall was decorated with traditional Korean stuff.

Nearby the food court, there was these movie posters attached on the bulletin board.

Korean Spicy Food

And we came to 봉추찜닭(Bong-Chu-Jjim-dak), which has Korean chicken dish 찜닭.
On the course info, the dinner menu was originally pizza but we decided to change it to enjoy real Korean food!
It was a little spicy but really delicious.

Yik Ho and like spicy food so it was perfect for us!

The Top of the Tower

After having dinner, we went up to the tower finally!
On the way to the elevator which would take us to the top of the tower, there was an exhibition area.
We could see the history of Seoul and many famous attractions of the world through the screens.
On the Sky Deck!
We could see everything under our feet through this glass floor!
It was thrilling but also exciting! 😀

Yik Ho did a lot of exciting sports such as bungee jump, so he looked calm when we were on the deck. 🙂


Before we left the tower, we got these cool drinks at the cafe.
These are Sky Signature drinks, which was called Rainbow.

We called them “Instagram drinks” haha 😛

After finishing our drinks, we came down!

It was a great time to walk around and get to know each other.

My first tour was a success. 🙂