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I am a normal 2C but bright Korean college girl studying international studies. I love meeting new people and it has always been one of my wishes to travel with a foreign friend. Also, I have many different interests so I am looking forward to listening to stories about YOUR life. I lived overseas when I was young so I am fluent in English and I also speak a little bit of Chinese. Already looking forward to meeting you See you soon.


5 hrs


Culture / Entertainment


Konkuk Univ.

First, Lunch & Photo Studio

You can enjoy unique tour activities Seoul Korea with local tourmate. There are many indoor activities like photo studio, multi-room cafe, ect.
You can enjoy unique tour activities Seoul Korea with local tourmate. There are many indoor activities like photo studio, multi-room cafe, ect.

In Korea, the streets near universities always flourish with delicious restaurants, shopping malls, street vendors, and various entertainment facilities. One representative example would be the area near Konkuk University! Walking around the streets near Kondae Station, you will be able to feel the lively spirit of Korean youth.

In Korea, unique indoor activities are the trend these days among young people. Following this course with me, I will take you around some of the hot places near Kondae Station that you cannot find in other countries!

When we meet at 12:00 we will straightly go to a Korean ddukbokki buffet restaurant called “Dukki”. If you are visiting Korea, you probably have tasted, or at least heard of these spicy rice cakes. Because ddukbokki is such a popular and common food in Korea, some have decided to create a buffet for ddukbbokki, too. Here, you can choose your own sauce, rice cakes, toppings, and so on. I guarantee you it will be a delicious experience!

Next, we will go to a photo studio to take what we call “image photos.”

This is one of the things I personally like to do when I go to Kondae Station with my friends.

You can take photos and receive them in about an hour at an inexpensive price. It will be a great way to leave behind memories of Korea.

Second, Multi-room & Fortune telling

After we take image photos, we are going to go to a “multi room café.” Multi cafes are literally called multi cafes because they have multiple things that you can do to spend your time ranging from movies, TV programs, video games, the internet, snacks, board games and so forth.

Our last course of the trip would be fortune telling. In Korea, tarot cards, saju, or physiognomy is common. The price varies according to what kind of fortune telling you want to do, but it is usually 5,000 won to 10,000won. If you want a full interpretation of your future, it will cost you approximately 20,000 won. They are superstitions, but I think it is okay to listen to your fortune once in a while, just for fun! I’ll translate the results for you so don’t worry.

After the fortune telling, we’ll go to the photo studio to pick up the photos and that will be the end of the trip!

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Meet inside the Konkuk University Station, Exit 2 (line 2)



Have Lunch @ Dukki Dduckbokki



Take image photos @Mr. Photo



Play @ Smile Multi Café



Fortune telling & Pick up photos from Mr. Photo



End of tour