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What;s up my tourmate!! haha I really like to meet people. that’s why I’m so friendly. I promise that we will be the best friend after the tour. MYTM! Make Your Tour Mate! Do you want to make Korean Friend? Come on~ haha That’s me!!! And of course, I will give to you unforgettable experience on Korea tour when I am with you. Please contact me my bro and sister~!^_^


4 hrs 30 mins


Activity / Nature


Konkuk Univ

First, City Night Extreme Kayak

(Konkuk Univ.) City Night Extreme Kayak. Enjoy water leisure sports in Hangang river where is the beautiful place. konkuk university subway station

“We are running on the water.” Enjoy your water leisure sports in Hangang river where is the beautiful place in the world. New exotic tour to Seoul, you do not know that. However, we can meet now.
Friendly and easy to program from the professional and leisure sports professional instructors are responsible for the safety and fun. For now experience the beautiful Hangang River

First Step.
We will meet Konkuk university subway station of the hot spot in Korean young people. That’s why you can feel the local Korean culture, you can see the local Korean style and you can taste the local Korean food. After meeting we will go to the Crown Chicken restaurant for dinner. You can see the wonderful food of the collaboration of squid and chicken.

Second Step
Go to Ttukseom! We will be moving aboard the train for 3mins and you need to walk 30minutes to kayak station. When you can see the extreme park in Ttukseom, you can see the skateboard and BMX amazing skills. After arriving the kayak station, we will change our swimsuit and prepare for kayaking.

Third Step
Learning how to control kayak and noticed precautions from professional instructors. After that, we just enjoy extreme night kayaking in Hangang river.
# You can see the beautiful sunset on the river
# You can see the wonderful night view of Chungdam bridge
# You can see the amazing night view of 123rd floor Lotte World Tower of the sixth longest in the world.

Last Step
After playing kayak, we will arrange everything with a professional instructor. And then we will take a shower and change clothes. Finally, our program is done.

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Exit 4 of Konkuk university Subway Station (Line 7)



Eat crown chicken for dinner



Go to Ttukseom and change your clothes



Playing night kayak 



Arrange the night kayak



End of tour