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My name is Jio Chong and you can call me just Jio. I am a student of Dongguk University. I think I am pretty talkative and outgoing! If you are with me, you can truly have an energetic day 🙂


4 hrs


Activity / Food



First, Hyehwa

A Cool Summer in Seoul City Travel Korea. I know many "hidden" places so I believe you can make "an unusual experience" with me.

Hi, guys. This is “Jio” and I am gonna be your “mate” during this tour!
I am a local in this Seoul city so I am sure that I can lead you very safely.
Especially, I know many “hidden” places so I believe you can make “an unusual experience” with me.

Ok, let me introduce my tour course.
“Gathering at HyeHwa Station -> Bracelet making Studio -> Dinner -> Haunted House -> Naksan Park”
Ta-da! These are what I am planning to do with you.

At first, we are meeting at “Exit 2 of HyeHwa Station”(Marronnier Park).
There is a Sungkyunkwan Univ. near this station so you can see a lot of college students and feel ‘an active mood of Korean campus’.

After all gathering, we will go to the “Bracelet making studio“, walking across the Marronnier Park. Also, many activities are usually held like a flea market or street performing in this park so it would be nice to pass along this street.

We can make a handmade bracelet in this making studio.
When we get there, not only your own bracelet but also we can create a necklace, or enamel mirror by yourself! They also sell some handmade accessories so you can take them.

As I told you this is a handmade studio, you can make some choices like a color of a thread, what kind of ornament you use. Plus, you can decorate the enamel with paints. I think what you make can be an amazing souvenir which will remind you of Korea tour.

Second, Korean Summer

It is time to have a dinner! The most important time ever. I thought of this a lot and finally decided to eat Topokki which is one of the most popular foods in Korea. Looks spicy? No, it doesn’t.
If you really don’t like spicy food, we can replace it with a sweet one. So do not worry!
Plus, this restaurant is decorated like a Korean elementary school. They are using blackboard, school tables, chairs, even textbooks as menu books!
You can feel the atmosphere of Korean school with an amazing food, Topokki.
I strongly believe you like it.

After the dinner, let’s move on the next course. I know it is scorching hot nowadays, right? That’s why I prepared this course. I am sure you can get a cool summer with me!
Because we will visit a haunted house!
(I couldn’t take a picture of inside due to the security)
There are three sections: a good side, shaman’s house, and kitchen.
Let me know which one you want to try in advance.

In addition, this is a limited course only for summer (~8/30) Hurry and do not miss it! (After this season, I will find another amazing thing to do.)

Third, Naksan Park

Finally, we have only one thing left.
As we all know, Korean night view is so beautiful, isn’t it?
So, we will finish our tour with the night view in Naksan Park, which was a filming site of many dramas.
Naksan is a small mountain in Seoul city, which has a Dongdaemoon near it.
So, you can take a walk along its castle on Naksan. It is so romantic that many couples are dating there. This peaceful mood of Seoul night will linger on our minds well even after this tour is over.

This is the end of our tour. I think it takes about four hours or more and we will say good-bye each other at Dongdaemoon station.

I really want you to make a good memory with me in Seoul. Thank you a lot.

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Gathering at Hyehwa station (Marronnier park)



Making your own bracelet






Haunted house



Naksan park  



End of tour