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With Heesu Jang

Ee leong’ Review

It was a very fun experience 🙂
Heesu is a nice guy and he recommended some nice dishes and places to go in Seoul.


Last Saturday in Sinchon with Ee Leong from Singapore !

We had Samgyeopsal Party !

Yeah !

In the restaurant, Mootongsam

Mootongsam is a Korean BBQ buffet,
So We had Samgyeopsal untill we are full of Samgyeopsal.
Especially He enjoyed “SSAM” which is the way to try samgyeopsal with lettuce.

Amusement Acade

After we finished the lunch, We went to an arcade park !
You know what ?
Ee leong is an Army from Singapore!
He told me he trained in USA before.
So We tried shooting with a BB GUN!

We have fun a lot!

For Ee leong It was the first time to go through Winter,
also it was the first time to see Snow for him.
He kept saying “it’s too cold’

(As you can see in the pic, he was wearing a thin Jacket hahaha)

We also took photo cards, One for him, one for me.

One of them, which is mine, there are no eyes on my face hahaha..

(I think it is a very good way to keep our memory)

Ee leong is a nice guy,

He always smiled 🙂 Also He is funny !

It was bit shame we have only two hours together,

Besides If I can speak in English better, we could have more funnier time :<
But Thankfully He was really kind so he understood me.
I wish you had a good time with me Ee leong!

Thank you for everything!