MYTM - TourmateKorea

With Kevin Yang


>>Review by Jessie


My trip wont be good enough without Meeting Kevin.

Maybe we share similar age(both 30 zone) and background.

I felt at ease when talked to him. He cracked me up and had lot of fun.

Meeting local ppl definitely a good way to learn deeper about the city.

When I looked for somebody hanging out with through a platform of an application.

Some how I found out this app which only do the Korea tour.

The reason I picked Kevin not only because his time just matched my itinerary, but also his neat and simple self-introduction intrigued me.



With a cup of coffee, you will get to exchange culture difference and he probably would give u some tips while wondering around this city.

Why not?!  I quickly booked him.

Luckily, after my 2 days of in seoul i came out some questions about Korea. And he kind of puzzled them out.

Kevin is a friendly guy with sense of humor. He generously shared his background and answered my questions patiently.

We talked about various topic such like, politic, cultural differences, languages and so on.

He even gave good advice of selecting the tour spot from a local view.



就在我們相談甚歡的時候發現他居然是那app的成立人之一,掐卡蠻(等一下)!!哇噻,也太棒了!i feel kind of like hit the jackpot.

他說他以為他把自己是founder的訊息寫在自介裡,以為我知道,他後來問我選他是不是因為他是charge free免費。湯然花,老娘絕無二心。

他教我ㄧ點韓語,然後我給他上了一點說文解字課。 可以教別人中文的感覺蠻好的 jo a(韓:很好)