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Hello, my tour mates! I’m Daseul Kim. my major is Tourism development. so I am interested in tourism and foreigner friends! That’s why I joined as a tour mate. and I’m friendly and energetic. and I like to travel in Seoul or another place in Korea and like an Overseas trip! and I like a dance. so my first trip is k-pop dance tour.


4 hrs


Entertainment / Culture



First, Sadang/ Practice Room

Do you like K-pop? Do you like Korean idols? Do you like to dance?
All I like! I have danced since 2010! I love to dance and k-pop
This tour is the chance to experience K-pop dance.

When you call me, we will choose k-pop song.
You can choose K-pop song which you want to dance
Or I can choose K-pop song when you don’t know k-pop songs.
After we decide song, we will practice dance at our meeting

We meet at Sadang Subway Station exit 7. (practice room can change because of booking)
I will teach you and practice dance!
We will learn k-pop song’s highlight. ( if you can learn more, I will teach you more)

Second, Tourist attraction / Film video

After we practice, We will go to tourist attraction(Gyeongbokgung Palace/ Gangnam/ Han-river/ Hongdae ) where you want to dance. While we go, we eat dessert or drink beverage.
When we arrive the tourist attraction which we choose, we choose the place where we film.
We film the video that we dance k-pop.

Third, Eat dinner

After we film video, if you want to eat dinner with me, we will eat dinner!
After the tour, I will send you the video which we dance at tourist Attraction.
I think that it’s amazing chance to experience k-pop culture.
I’m sure that you can achieve K-pop-dance and we will be friends!

Real Video Clip




dance practice



go to tourist attraction & drink beverage or eat dessert



film a dance video



Eat dinner(option)/End of tour