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With Miri Kim

Yik ho’ Review

Miris tour was very interesting.
You get to see the ancient side of Seoul when visiting Gyeongbukgong and the Bukchon Hanok village.
We even went to places that was not on the itinerary of the tour such as the statue of king Sejong and cheonggyecheon stream!
Those two places were my requests. Thank you Miri for showing me the ancient side of Seoul!


This is my tour course page! 

If you want to join my tour, you can reservation 🙂
Yesterday!! my tourmate send a message to reserve my tour!
I’m very happy to hear that and I said sure~~~~~~:)
My tourmate name was Yik ho!
He was a very kind person. Yik ho was interested in Korea and history!

We saw Change Ceremony at Gwanghwamun.


At Gyungbokgung palace, I informed prepared explanation about palace to Yik ho.

After We looked around Gyungbokgung, We moved to Bukchon Hanok Village! 

We ate Tteokboki at Samcheongdong~

He said it was very taste!


The next place was Insadong!(SSamgigil)
That place was decorated with flowers. Very pretty!
Originally, Insadong was the last site in my tour course.
But! Yik ho asked me Where King Sejong status is.
So I want to introduce about that and we move to Gwanghwamun again!

I was appreciate to him because he said frankly where he want to go. 🙂


Although all my tour course is finished, We have time for tour!
So I want to show more Seoul view!
Near the King Sejong status there is Chung-gye-cheon

We went there, too!!

In the end of tour Yik ho gave me Netherland waffles.

It was surprise present! So I said thank you for this present!!!:)
And I gave small present to Yik ho!

It was very nice tour! I never forget today’s tour~