MYTM - TourmateKorea

With Seoyoung Park

I met on a tour this Friday. It was my first tour so I was little nervous.

But we had a good time! We met at Gyeonbokung subway station at 11 am.

It was early but my tourmate arrived on time!. 

He is Shelodn and he is from Hawaii

He is ESL teacher in Dangin and he have been in Korea for 8 months.

Korea traditional market tour (Tongin Market)

We went to Tongin traditional market and had yeopjeon lunchbox. There were full of high school students. So we were in confusion at first but we started to enjoy that atomosphere later. I recommended some Korean food to choose. We had a lunch at lunchbox cafe and we talked a lot about films which we both like.


After lunch, we went to Susung valley and tried to feel nature. But the weather was not good because of fine dust. So we didn’t stay longer there. I thought we better move to inside. 


We walk along Seochon and watch some trendy shops in Seochon. Then we went to a flower cafe. It was really beautiful and quiet place. We ordered coffee and talk about his life in Korea. I also recommend him some social gathering places for him to get more Korean friends. He said he want to speak Korean fluently. I hope he can speak Korean well.

I was worried about my first tour but I got good time. We talked a lot because I got a lot  in common with him.