MYTM - TourmateKorea

With Hyejun Hwang

Tatjana’ Review

Great and Thank you ~!


Try live octopus

We met and wanted to eat Korean bbq first, but the waiting line was so long; so we instead whet to try live octopus near the restaurant first.

This is her first time ever trying this. Woooww!!!!!! She was amazing. She actually liked that and I was happy to hear. 

She said that she is normally good at chopstick but korean version is a bit difficult for her cuz its heavier than others. We were laughing so much. Haha 

Korean BBQ

Then we got a call from the restaurant that now we can come over. So we moved to another place to eat…..  we have to admit that we are such a big food lover!

Then finally!! We got this. Haha  yeaaaa mannnnn. 

We came to my house and chilled out with cats and had fun together.  🙂