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With Sooji Jung

Lion’ Review

Susie was a wonderful guide to have.
She was enjoyably fun, energetic, and overall flowing with positivity.
She went out of her way to accommodate to any needs or questions I may have and I definitely learned a lot more since this trip.
I had a great time; would recommend to others 🙂


Lion and I met at Anguk station (line3, exit6, in front of McDonald’s) on Buddha’s Birthday.

Soooo many people were there. T.T

And we went to ssamjigil for making a fragrant candle.

Lion didn’t want to take photos of him 🙁 So I don’t have any pics of him.

Instead, I got some from Lion that he took while touring with me.

These are what I got from him. (From KaKaO)

Making Candles

We made candles!! Lion has talents. He made it for his friend 🙂

Korean BBQ

We met on 5:00 PM, It wasn’t what I uploaded. (My uploaded tour time was 2:30 PM)

So we changed our plan from having a Korean traditional tea to having Korean BBQ.

We tried hang-jung-sal and Soju, too. Lion was satisfied with all these. 🙂

After having great dinner, we walked a lot on Jongro (near Gwang-hwa-moon)

and saw a lot of things like this. And I taught him about our tragedy. (Sewol-ferry)

He hung the yellow-ribbon on his bag. This is what Lion took !

We looked a lot 🙂 It was really really great time with him 😀 And until now we keep in touch :0