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With Miri Kim

Hena’ Review

The tour with Miri was great. My sister and I had a wonderful time.
Miri is a very sweet and considerate person.
She took us to see Gyeongbokgung (Palace) where we saw beautiful sites and she even shared with us her favorite scenic spot there.
We then went to Bukchon Hanok Village where we strolled around taking pictures together.
The tteukbokki restaurant she took us to was by far my favorite place to eat during my trip.
My sister and I would not have found that place on our own. We also went to Insadong, which was not part of my original itinerary, so it was a bonus.
Plus, we went to a fun dessert cafe, who can say no to desserts. It was a perfect day for a berry bingsu (shaved ice dessert).
It was a fun tour, but what made it so wonderful was meeting Miri. Thank you, Miri for showing us around. It felt like we made a new friend. Thank you for showing us a delightful tour.
Miri was a sweetheart. Please do look after her well.


Today I met Sister~ Their name is Hena and Sophia!

It was a great time for us:) From now on I’ll introduce our happy tour~
Today’s weather was so hot!!! But we enjoy our tour!!!

Gyungbokgung Palace

Our first tour place was Gyungbokgung Palace!
We took this picture in front of Gyeonghoeru! 
It has beautiful scenery~~~ We eat Tteokbokii for lunch. We enjoy it!

Ssamgigil in Insadong!

It was decorated with flower~~ very pretty!
They looked around the store for searching present for the nephew! 
It’s so sweet! 
This is Korea traditional Dessert called Yongsuyeom!
We saw how to make them. It was so funny!


Sophia and Hena wanted to eat ice flake! 
So we went to Sulbing and eat mango& grapefruits Bingsu. It’s so tasty!

We became good friends at the end of the tour!

I won’t forget today’s tour. It was a great time! 

Hena and Sophia 🙂 Thank you for choosing my tour course!!