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Hey, what sssup 😀 I’m SunYong and KonKuk University (Chung-ju campus) student, the major is International Trade.
Love to eat delicious foods from all over the countries. I can show you some Korean traditional foods and wines If you want.
Traveling is always fun right? but I’m telling ya, traveling in Korea with a native Korean guy(it’s me LoL) is gonna be a way more fun! That’s why I volunteered this Make Your Team Mate program to make some wonderful memories with You and me.
I love taking pics and short videos, and.. especially I like to watch night view of the city!! So feel free to contact me. I’ll be waiting to meet ya. 😀


4 hrs


Nature / Food


Konkuk Universtiy

First, Dinner ( Samgyupsal or Korean pancake )

In the evening, you can experience the culture of University students’ life in Korea At Konkuk University (One of downtown areas of Seoul). The good thing is, I made some options, to let you have some choices. 

<Eat option A,B>
First, for the supper
A) Sam-gyup-sal(Korea BBQ) and Gob-chang(Grilled Pork Tripe) with So-ju(Korean distilled liquor)
B) Kimchi-bu-chim-gae(Kimchi pancake) or Pa-jeon(Green Onion pancake) with Mak-geol-li(raw rice wine)  

* You can choose what you prefer between A or B
“Above A and B options are Korean traditional food and many local people also enjoy those a lot. I’ll lead you to a famous restaurant of A or B.”
“What I recommend is option A you will never forget the taste of Sam-gyup-sal and Gob-chang(it looks little bit gross but tastes amazing. And it’s infinite refill. You can eat as much as you want.

Second, Cafe or Il-gam Lake or Han River

<Place option A,B,C>
After that, We can go to
A) A café near by the place where we met. We can drink coffee or juice.
B) Il-gam Lake(KonKuk University’s Lake). Walking side by the lake with can-beer and delicious snacks bought from convenience store.
C) Han River(Ttuk-seom resort station) with can-beer and delicious snacks bought from convenience store.  

*You can choose where you wanna go. A or B or C (Duplicate selectable but not all) These are the good places to go after eating.  

A)Café We will arrive earliest.
B)Il-gam Lake(KonKuk University’s Lake) takes about 15mins to get there.
c)Han River(Ttuk-seom resort station) gotta take a subway to get there, and it takes 20mins. “What I recommend is option C. It takes the longest time to arrive. But watching Han River’s night view at Ttuk-seom resort is beautiful” The tour will be end at A or B or C

The tour will be end at A or B or C.

Real Video Clip




KonKuk University Subway Station (Line 2), Exit2



Go to have supper (eat option A or B)



After meals, We’ll go to the convenience store.



Arrive at A,B,C walk around or chat with what we have brought.



End of tour