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To begin with, I would describe myself as; a travel maniac, a music lover, a small student band singer, a happy university student in Jeonbuk University and most of all a friendly human being. And I LOVE adventure. I love going through something I had never experienced, learning new things and meeting people from different culture. I am super ready to show you around Korea for those who want to travel with me. But I am more than just a guide. I will be open-hearted to listen to your stories, tell my stories, share our thoughts and build a friendship.


3 hrs 30mins


Nature / Food




First, Jeonju Arboretum

We all struggle in this concrete jungle we are living. Sometimes all you wanna do is forget every struggle you are going through, get out of this city and just jump right into nature. This tour program will truly bring you all the thing you needed, a perfect healing time with a tourmate who is willing to listen to your stories!

After you and I have lunch around Chonbuk University area, we will move by taxi to Jeonju Arboretum with our full happy stomach. We will walk amongst the breeze scented with flowers, getting touched by warm sunlight. We will look at how beautiful nature is by itself and realize our life isn’t that different. We will peacefully chat all the way along the arboretum and you will think, “I’ll never forget this amazing moment!”

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Meet up in Chonbuk University & Have Lunch



Head off to Jeonju Arboretum



Arrive Arboretum and look around



End of tour