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I love to walk around the natural. I’ve been to many countries. at that time, I always saw the awesome naturals which are like sea, mountains, waterfall etc.

That’s reason why I recommend the tour course. I love to talk with someone who is from other countries. even if we are going to meet for a while, I let you have an awesome time with me. I hope to see you


5 hrs


Activity / Nature



First, Natural Landscape

Our main point is to feel the natural landscape
We are going to meet the Gumi station at
We will walk to the restaurant, I think it takes less 10 minutes
After that, We will get some coffee and bread for hiking
After getting some food, we will take the taxi from the restaurant to the entrance of mountain.

We will buy the hot pack to protect our body
We are going to waterfall or tough cliff, It’s up to your mind. I don’t care about any destination. we could feel about attractions which are like temple and landscape.

Second, Local Food

To be frank with u, When u get too tough cliff, we can see a whole Gumi city.
When we get back to the entrance of mountain. We could have the traditional Korea pancake and Korea soup. All tourist always have that food. It’s kinds of Korea culture.

Third, Olleh Road

After having the food, We will go to Olleh Road. That place is very awesome in the Gumi.
As when we walk alongside the road, we get cheap coffee which is very popular. there is a long queue. Aside from that, we could hear of the old culture music near the Olleh road.

I’m sure that you are satisfied with that tour. I hope to see you

Real Video Clip




Gumi station entrance(outside)



Get to Coffee restaurant and have some coffee and bread



Climb get to waterfall or tough cliff



Have Korea pancake and Korea soup



Get to Olleh road and walk alongside



End of tour